The anal retentive guide to Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner+Notebook 2007-2008

I have been using a 2006-2007 18 month model — which, despite dire predictions has held up perfectly well, and I am now retiring it full of ink and pasted items, a bit thicker, and dark around the edges where it has
picked up a bit of lifegrime.  Last Thursday I switched to the 2007-2008 18 month model.  Here, in very excruciating detail, are the differences.

    Keep in mind that it is perfectly fair to say these are "the same".  The difference below are very very nitpicky.  All of the metrics are the same (line spacing, print on the pages), and all my overlays and templates that I place on the pages all still line up.  The sections at the beginning and end are the same (I flipped though them side by side).  So what changed?

* The ink is slightly more gray than tan.  In the 2006 edition, the ink had a slightly tan color to it.  In the 2007, the ink is slightly more gray. 

* The print is slightly more sharp.  At first I thought the font was tweaked, but the edges of the letters are just slightly more defined with a bit less feathering.  The halftone of the overlapping months is also affected as a result.  I’d place a guess that this is a result of the ink change.

* The elastic has changed (again) and is wider than the (already wide) 2006 edition, making it significantly more wide than the elastic on the hardcover Moleskines.  Unless of course they’ve also changed the elastic on the hardcovers recently.  I like the feel of the new elastic, and it doesn’t "roll over" as easily as the thinner one.

* The logo is hot pressed into the back cover rather than cold stamped.   It’s a bit more defined as a result and has sharper lines.

    The rest of it seems the same.  The tight back envelope, the soft cover that allows you to toss in more things without damaging the spine, etc.  I can’t comment on the signatures and the block, as my 2006 edition has enough stuffed into it to have expanded the block.  I would hazard a guess that there is even more give in the spine, with a larger loop of cover on the spine (allowing it to lay perfectly flat even when jammed full of extra papers).  I can’t be sure, as my 2006’s cover has been deformed a bit by having a pen and binder clip of 3×5 cards attached for the last year, and a full folded map glued into the inside of the front cover.  The sewing on the signatures themselves is tight and looks like the same thread.  The block is
nice and solid.

    With only a few days of use, I can’t say much about the durability, but if it is as good as last year’s volume, I’ll be happy.

    (Now having made this post, somebody will now point out there’s a big obvious difference that I missed by focusing on the minutia.  Ah, well).

Evan "JabberWokky" Edwards

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3 thoughts on “The anal retentive guide to Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner+Notebook 2007-2008

  1. I’m glad that this was posted. I picked up my first Moleskine calendar this past January and loved it but it was the smaller size so I picked up a larger one last week. I wasn’t too excited to see the soft cover but it is nicer that I thought it would be. I’d still prefer to see two chages:

    1. Have a full size pocket in the back rather than the cramped one it has
    2. Come with a removable address book like the smaller calendar

    It might also be nice to have this with slightly narrower lines for writing.

  2. So, I’m new to Moleskine. I just bought the 2007 weekly+notebook pocket edition. I needed to get a larger size. Also, I’m thinking of buying the 18 month version in May. But one question: If you want a planner for 18 months and they only come out in July then what do you do for the other 6 months? i.e., do they have a Jan-July version as well? I’d appreciate it if an 18-month user could explain to me how they use it or why? b/c if I need to by an 18-month every July they I may as well buy a 12 month every year as I’d have to switch planners anyway in 12 month intervals.

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