Under the Tuscan Trees


"We recently spent an wonderful break in Tuscany, staying a
short distanceoutside Pienza. The countryside in that area is sublime.
I’ve recently started the long training to become a Psychotherapist and
part of that process is keeping a personal journal. My choice after a
false start with the recommended A4 notebook was to turn to my faithful
stock of Moleskines.In this case a large unlined. I write on the right
hand page and draw, annotate and doodle on the left. Showing
extraoridary (!) diligence as you can see I took my journal on holiday
to catch up with my latest reflections.It was hard work but I guess
somebody had to do it. The picture shows atable and benches in a small
grove of trees, there was also a hammock nearby, where it was possible
to read write in some shade and feel a refreshing breeze to alleviate
the summer heat.

I find the colour of the pages is comforting on the eye and the
blue ink I use in my Rotring ArtPen takes to the pages wonderfully,
enabling me to write fluently and quickly. The tools don’t get in the
way of the process. What more could I ask.

Whilst we were there I managed to score some Molekines at the
equivalent of £8 each, when my local supplier prices at £14. Hurrah."

Paul Lanham

[Originally posted 7.11.06]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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