Featured Artist: Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras is one of the most interesting of today’s fashion designers. Born in Alghero in Sardinia in 1962, Antonio Marras had no formal schooling in fashion but, via his father’s fabric store, developed enough of a passion for textiles... Read More


The Art of Gabi Campanario

I discovered Moleskine a couple of years ago. Bought my first one in 2004 but didn’t really use it until recently, then I was hooked. I use it mostly during my commute to my job as news artist at the... Read More


Books without words inside.

"Those us out there who use Moleskine, we do have an attachment to them — in front of us stands a finite number of lines to trace the circles of our own stories. A sense of ownership of the words... Read More


GTD Moleskine with Inverted Tabs

I love my moleskine notebook, it just feels nice. I need a way to structure my books, and get to sections quickly but I hate those sticky tabs GTD addicts use to organise them. They just get bent, or pushed... Read More


Vacation Moleskine

My wife Virginia napping while I sketch her during a vacationon Cape Cod         I  run a small family owned art store in  Massachusetts I am very busy and although surrounded by creative supplies and inspiration, I hardly... Read More


10 Things to Write in Your Notebook

I have been a long time fan of using a notebook as a tool for self-improvement, as a journal or just as a place where I can do some brainstorming. I am a proud Hipster PDA and Moleskine user and... Read More


Indian Summer by Tim Baynes

JET BOY I am travelling into the interior, from Mumbai to New Delhi (700 miles) with three Chinese ladies. All this courtesy of Jet Air a full flight in the world’s smallest 737 replete with screaming two year olds placed... Read More


Synchronicity: Moleskine, Macy’s, Strand

Been in Macy’s Herald Square store twice and finally I found from one of their 40 wooden escalator stopped right before store closed, the lighting was perfect so with no particular reasons, I just dropped my M on the floor... Read More