10 Things to Write in Your Notebook

I have been a long time fan of using a notebook as a tool for self-improvement, as a journal or just as a place where I can do some brainstorming. I am a proud Hipster PDA and Moleskine user and with that in mind here are 10 different things I like to write in them.

1) New words that I have learnt that day.

2) Mind maps of my goals for the week, month, year.

3) Creative writing such as poems and short stories.

4) Mental stresses and tensions that I notice I feel during the day, the thoughts I felt that caused those stresses and alternative more positive thoughts in order to reduce those stresses for the future.

5) Sketches to exercise the right side of the brain.

6) Reviews of movies, music or television etc.

7) Books I want to read in the future, movies I wish to see and music I wish to listen to etc.

8) General “dear diary” prose including my observations, thoughts and feelings relating to the day.

9) Any physical tensions and what may have caused them.

10)Ideas for my blog.

What do you write in your notebook?

"10 Things to Write in Your Notebook"
By Allen.Galbraith

Visit his blog.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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13 Responses to 10 Things to Write in Your Notebook

  1. Erin Dooley says:

    thanks!!! that really helped me a lot. now i will fill my book with new, cool words!!!

  2. Lovely ladybug says:

    Thank you sooo much i got my notebook as a gift and now i know what to do!!!

    -The lovely ladybug 🙂

  3. Thanks…I am a 10th Grader and I am always getting new notebooks from my mom and friends but I never know what to write and these really helped out. 🙂 I am a art person and I love to draw, so I will use it for creative ideas to. Thanks Again. 🙂

  4. leah says:

    Some of those things are really good

  5. ME says:

    thanks sooooo much all these ideas are truly wonderfully and amazing

  6. Bev says:

    Thanks for posting these ideas!

  7. rosebud says:

    amazing x i am a writer and im only 13 people find it weird but i adore reading, my mum is a big reader too but she says i always have my nose stuck in a book. reading books can influece people alot, and i also keep a note book with me at school too. this is a tip for people who have no idea what to write ; just be creative draw pictures, doodles, or write a diary, anything because its your book.

  8. koolaa:+ says:

    This helps a lot. When i write, i feel like i am just relieving my stress. Thanks.

  9. angelina says:

    I keep a notebook to write down my stressful problems and thoughts/ideas. I also keep a dream journal in hopes of lucid dreaming more and improving my dream recall.

  10. Moshicrazy says:

    Put in top 10 of your favorite stores, books, toys, authors, singers illustrators, etc!

  11. Mikayla says:

    Thanks a lot and you helped me

  12. Wonderful Qualities says:

    My aunt gives me AT LEAST one new note book l every Christmas and on my birthday. I never have any idea what to put in them so I have like a . Like of notebooks in my room. Now I have some ideas to use! Thanks!

  13. kiki says:

    hiya, this helped me a lot thanks!

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