Bad Hotel Drawing


Bad hotel? Moleskinerie friend Patrick Ng gets even and takes out his notebook.

Not a complaint, just a way to release the stress we buyers experience
during our limited budget buying trips, through drawings, photos,
words….. Or should I really file a complaint for unfair treatment?
Well sometimes I’m an extremist when there should be some changes and
nobody are able to do anything under the umbrella of safety. And there
are times that I’m humble to receive what I’ve already got from this
good life.

OK, I let my flame died off and examined the residues only after I came
back from NY so that I have a fair judgement without the physical and
emotional add-ons. The verdict: bureaucratic company built up without a
conscious awareness of the process, a monster comes out of collective
individualism. No it is not serious, but when you can see the future
and what can’t be changed between now and future, you are downhearted.
The fact: many times I get bad hotels from my business trips, doesn’t
seem like anybody cares, and it is entirely due to budget issue when it
shouldn’t be. Every summer I get to go to NY for the gift show, summer
is high season for travel, hotels get expensive, company has a budget,
then every year I go to bad hotels whenever there is high season.
Unless I look for alternatives myself nobody cares in this company. And
it is not only summer! Winter also.

Read all about it at Patrick Ng’s blog.