Books without words inside.


"Those us out there who use Moleskine, we do have an attachment to
them — in front of us stands a finite number of lines to trace the
circles of our own stories. A sense of ownership of the words written
within, even though the book itself is just another product in the
current of commerce and stream of marketing. That fact aside, there are
some elements about the book that make it the only option, at least for
now. (After all, Innovation is always close by.)

Some of those elements include: a pocket to collect the scraps of
experiences, and a hard cover that protects the pages from the elements
and travails of travel. It’s a sturdy thing, at least on the
construction side. Even when I’ve crammed the pocket full or ripped out
blank pages for quick notes and such, I find that the elastic-banded
pages get out there and back, with lines to spare for an address, a
number, or an anecdote (rarities in this era of

errata non grata

Image: recklesslycurious @ moleskinerie/FLICKR

[Originally posted 6.29.05]

One thought on “Books without words inside.

  1. As far as non-leather, portable notebooks go, that’s why I like Moleskines– they are sturdy.

    I have tried other cutesy or even elegant notebooks, as well as cheaper ones, but most of the pocket sized brands don’t seem to hold up very well. And, they’re simple but elegant and addictive at the same time. They are merely notebooks, but are mysteriously luring.

    For larger notebooks, there are some Barnes and Noble leather ones that I love.

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