Feature creep on Moleskine City Notebooks?

We’ve heard of mission creep. Web consultant Rashmi Sinha thinks the new MoleskineCity notebooks may be a tad overdone.

When I heard of Moleskin City Notebooks, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Your regular moleskine with maps! After leaving behind my moleskine on a plane, I bought the Moleskine San Francisco notebook (as we were going to the move to the city soon). The first disappointment was that the city notebook was not available in graph paper, and I had to buy the plain paper. But everything since has been a disappointment as well.

My previous Moleskin notebook was standard pocket size. Almost all of its 192 pages are for writing. There is an accordion pocket and a plastic band to hold it together. Simple, unipurpose – for writing down thoughts and notes.

With the city notebooks, seems like the designers got much more ambitious:

Its 228 pages (a fair bit thicker and much harder to fit into my purse! I often have to choose between the moleskine and the sunglasses) There are 36 pages of maps! Why should you need 36 pages? Ah! It includes an alphabetical list of streets. This is just badly thought design – the Moleskin maps are not a replacement for a detailed street map. It should simply be a quick guide – 8-10 pages would suffice.

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2 thoughts on “Feature creep on Moleskine City Notebooks?

  1. There’s likely things that will be updated for City Notebook 2.0 but I don’t think that they are meant as a replacement or augmented Moleskine but rather a new take on the tourist notebook (and one that I think I will like as soon as I go somewhere that has a City Notebook available).

  2. Now, this isn’t scientific, but mine fell apart after just a couple of days. I think that it may have had to do the many different types of paper. But I wouldn’t have a use for it anyway. It sounds wonderful in theory. The maps are really pretty unhelpful (you NEED a better map, these are just not reasonable for serious use), then of course there are sections where you are TOLD to write information about a favorite restaurant or place. I really think that if you want a “guidebook that you’ve written yourself” that you can do just that. Buy some great maps. You can figure out where you want to write all of these things down and you would be better off with your own system. Buy a map and a guidebook and a plain Moleskine notebook and go to it! I don’t know if this was a bad idea or if it was executed poorly. Or try it. But this is not a travel diary, you’ll need other maps and guidebooks. For ME, it would just be better to have a blast and keep a travel journal in the plain or unlined notebooks. Preserve the memories of the trip instead of tracing paper and addresses of restaurants which are easily accessible anyway. I actually think that if I were traveling all over Europe and the like that I would take the ADDRESS BOOK, alphebetized tabs and all of the space you need to note anything you want about a restaurant or any other place.

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