Gfeller Leather Moleskine Covers


Updating a story I (kind of) broke a few weeks ago, I got an email from Steve Derricott of Gfeller Casemakers last night with great news.

Gfeller is now taking orders on their leather Moleskine covers.

This cover for the Moleskine Large Notebook really works. Priced at $39.95 it is an excellent value and will provide exceptional service, becoming a comfortable second skin for that valuable Moleskine.

More at Bob Corrigan’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Gfeller Leather Moleskine Covers

  1. They are a little hard to find on the website. There is a little circle in the upper left of the screen of a moleskine that’s labeled “moleskine related”. You can also find it on the price list.

    As of the last time I looked there is no entry for the moleskine covers alongside the other items pictured in their online catalog.

    Just call Steve, he’ll sell you one.

  2. do they only make covers for the large notebook? am planning to buy a cover for my pocket planner and i can’t seem to find a place where i can avail of such.

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