GTD Moleskine with Inverted Tabs


I love my moleskine notebook, it just feels nice. I need a way to structure my books, and get to sections quickly but I hate those sticky tabs GTD addicts use to organise them. They just get bent, or pushed out of place, or lose their stick. I carry my notebook in my bag, my pocket, in my cycling backpouch. Anywhere. Stuff just gets bashed.

I would much prefer a simple cut out ‘inverted tab’ like you get in old diaries to mark the months. A tool to achieve these would be amazingly useful, like a mutant stapler or nail clipper. To test the idea I got out the trusty Stanley knife:


[via Lifehacker]

3 thoughts on “GTD Moleskine with Inverted Tabs

  1. Have you tried just using a hole punch? Marvy Uchida ( makes a lot of different kinds of punches in “fun” shapes. Maybe one of these would suit your purpose better than just a regular small circle hole punch. Like the dog bone, for example. The shape is longer than it is wide. I tried to see if they maybe made exactly what you’re looking for, but it looks like they don’t. Still, this might exist somewhere. Try crafts supplies and google things like “tab paper punch” or something. Good luck! I think it’s a great idea. If you find something let us know.

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