Hot Ticket: Cibelle


Reader Bella writes: "who would have thought the rustle of a notebook was sexy…?"

"When singers don’t live in their country of origin, there’s a temptation to assume that they couldn’t hack it at home.
But Brazilian electro diva Cibelle (pronounced See-bell-ee) is here because she loves the bracingly adventurous spirit of Britain today. Since relocating to London in 2003, the São Paulo-born singer, model, actress and poet has taken a deliberately experimental route.

Her recently released second album, The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves, combines bossa nova elegance with a wayward "collaged" approach to sound, drawing found textures – from the rustle of Moleskine notebooks to the rattle of sugar cubes and coffee spoons – into fragmentary, sensual soundscapes…"

Hot Ticket: Cibelle
BY Mark Hudson