New Beginnings: Rediscovering Paper in a Digitized World


Recently I was ruminating on the idea of how our digitized world is not very sustainable. When I speak of sustainability I refer to the ability to continue down a certain path and be able to continue with this process and maintain it at a certain level indefinitely. Now, I do not believe our current path of “digitizing” everything is entirely feasible, and in my opinion it is definitely not sustainable. We encounter issues on a daily basis regarding our passion for digitizing everything. We sometimes lose our digital artifacts on our hard drives or we simply lose everything on a corrupted hard drive. We misplace our digital media (cds + dvds); we have energy (battery) problems with our electronic devices and are not able to use our digitized media anytime, anywhere, without a source of energy. Furthermore, we have trouble synchronizing our media players and continue to live in a digital world which breeds incompatibility issues through proprietary products and services.

Where am I going with this stream of thought? Well, simply stated, I believe that there is a limit to the “digital” world and that we are reaching that limit. Many of us are simply tired of our dependency on electronics and digitized media and want to return to what is tried and true and what feels most comfortable to us. Paper is one of those basic composites in our lives that we are confortable with and love. Hand in hand with “paper” we are now engaged in a “Pencil Revolution” to reclaim our right to record our creativity on humanities medium of choice, paper!

"New Beginnings: Rediscovering Paper in a Digitized World"


Photo: "Pen" by notashamed on Moleskinerie/FLICKR

One thought on “New Beginnings: Rediscovering Paper in a Digitized World

  1. I rather hope that you are right. You know how when you first had access to the web, you couldn’t stop to save your life and it took six months to get bored? Hopefully computers will be just a powerful tool. I think these little hand held things might be a fad (like gameboy). People my own age are in a different kind of limbo. You’ll think I’m dating myself but I’m only in my early 30s. We had those horrible Apples in the classroom beginning in 1st grade. And they weren’t user friendly at all. So I’ve gone on to use Word and I can order things online. I’m not PHOBIC and know someday I will have to take a class to upgrade if I want to download music, etc. I think businesses where you can get a real person on the phone are going to have a resurgence, ibooks are not going to take over the planet–I hope there’s simply a balance. And young people have always had their litle things to tinker with. If it wasn’t the rubiks cube it was friendship braclets–It’s the same impulse.

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