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Flat cats and Moleskine

There are plenty of Moleskine notebook users who are artistic types. I’m not one of those people, but I don’t let it stop me. Here’s a fine example: today, I installed a flat cat onto the back pocket of one … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Frank on Creativity in Copenhagen

Part of everything I’ve published was written in Copenhagen, and being in the old city, which lies within medieval boundary walls that no longer exist, still makes me want to get to work. Perhaps that is because so much extraordinary … Continue reading

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Yet Another Brad Pitt with Moleskine Sighting

Shaun in UT sent us this photo from Earlier related link

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Bad Hotel Drawing

Bad hotel? Moleskinerie friend Patrick Ng gets even and takes out his notebook. Not a complaint, just a way to release the stress we buyers experience during our limited budget buying trips, through drawings, photos, words….. Or should I really … Continue reading

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When do you start a new Moleskine?

The obvious answer is when I finish one, right? Not so fast, grasshoppers. I usually have some (at least 3) moleskines in my bag, and that’s without counting the weekly planner, small diary (the large diary is in my desk … Continue reading

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I Am An Artist

"I think I would love to be an artist.""No, no you’re not artist material.""Well, that may be, but I would like to be one anyway.""You can’t be an artist, for a number of reasons: You can’t support yourself and be … Continue reading

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Moleskine in Technology

Tom Schenk, Jr. wrote: " Lifehacker has just ran an article asking people to show their "go bags"–essentially, their technology bags. However, I couldn’t help noticing the number of Moleskine notebooks." We totally agree. Link © All rights reserved Greetings … Continue reading

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Thanks to the 2000+ (and growing) entries from around the world. Our winners for last week are: Delores BoothPalos Hills, IL  USA Gisa Sumiko Muray PradoSantiagoCHILE Sandra WhitedAPO AE 0____2 Please check your email and reply to the notification so … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Kazuko Nomoco

Kazuko Nomoco was born in Japan and studied graphic design at Osaka University of Art. She continued on to London College of Printing to pursue printmaking and Illustration and received a master’s degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art … Continue reading

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Etymology The word varies in spelling; variations include barbeque, BBQ, and Bar-B-Q. Smoky Hale, author of The Great American Barbecue and Grilling Manual (ISBN 0936171030) traces the word back to its Caribbean roots in Taino (one of the Arawak family … Continue reading

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