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Following the paper trail

There has never been anything quite so personal as writing in a journal, diary or notebook, especially in today’s look-at-me blogosphere. Writing in longhand is a private communion, and a personal bulwark against all things digital. Handwriting is the perennial … Continue reading

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Inkmusings from Chicago

I met up with Moleskinerie friend Gary Varner on his recent visit to Chicago for lunch and to catch up on the latest news. A man of many talents, he  doesn’t only write and play the guitar but takes very … Continue reading

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Advice on Novel Writing

"Different writers face different advantages and drawbacks in forming good writing habits. The circumstances of your personal life may make it easy or hard to find writing time, but time itself is not the real issue–it’s habit.  Writing must be … Continue reading

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Do you use your moleskine as “all together” notebook?

Mavortium says: I want to use my moleskine for all my purpose: agenda, planner, notebook, sketchbook, etc., so I have only one moleskine to carry with me wherever I go… Do anyone of you use this system? blurred arms says: … Continue reading

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DIY Soft Cover Moleskine Journal

I’m a writer and editor working in NYC. While I love my pocket Moleskine journal, I often wish that I had a soft cover version. The hard cover is just a little to inflexible for me, and I find it … Continue reading

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6 daily applications where paper beats software

Recently, I’ve been noticing a backlash against the trend to do everything on electronic platforms, and it mirrors some of the decisions I’ve been making as well. Last year, for instance, I put away my IPAQ in favour of paper … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Ying-Chieh Liu

New works by artist Ying-Chieh Liu from Taipei. More at her FLICKR pages. © All rights reserved

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How to get the most from your journaling habit

From Ian McKenzie’s "Messy" but infinitely productive desk: Journals can be effective tools in helping one get organized, in the creative process, or in developing a new habit or skill. However, keeping a journal is a habit in and of … Continue reading

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What have I got in my pocket?

Bilbo Baggin’s memorable question remains relevant. As I am apparently the first guest blogger on Moleskinerie, let me answer the question (and no, it’s not just lint). First of all, some writing instrument. A mere Bic won’t do. A good … Continue reading

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Inoxcrom with Moleskine

My new favorite pen. Normal fountains are too big for my pocket, this one is 4" long capped, and 5" long with the cap on the end. so i can carry it and write reasonably comfortably. I got it at … Continue reading

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