Radio Notebook

As the cold recedes
farther north, thunderstorms return with all its associated electronic
noises – the bane of radio enthusiasts everywhere. Visual Impact offers
some consolation:


"In northen Ontario, distanced
from overwhelming city
transmissions, in the
calm of the night,
softly DXing the dial,
I can hear many voices
  from many far off cities…

Nevermind Radio Netherlands
the AM band opens like
a tattered box of junk
dusty with static
and hidden voices calling
from the…
  South-west to Toronto,
  South-east to Montreal
    and far south to Georgia…

When sounds fade to the bird-chirp dawn,
all that remains
are some notes."

Poem and photo by Visual Imapct on FLICKR
This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved. Used with permission.

[Originally posted 4.21.06]

I will be on the road until Saturday. We will be posting "reruns" while I’m away. Approval of comments may take a while. – Armand

2 thoughts on “Radio Notebook

  1. Some notable coincidence: Moleskine small notebook size (9cmx14cm) is the exactly same size of amateur radio QSL cards (proofs of contact). The ruled Moleskine notebooks are also very good on portable logging.

    73 de Kenji Rikitake JJ1BDX

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