Synchronicity: Moleskine, Macy’s, Strand


Been in Macy’s Herald Square store twice and finally I found from one of their 40 wooden escalator stopped right before store closed, the lighting was perfect so with no particular reasons, I just dropped my M on the floor and took this picture.  It was 13th Aug 2007.

These escalators are probably the last wooden escalators in New York.  Otis "L-type" escalators with their distinctive wood treads have operated in Macy’s since 1927.  According to Otis’ web site, the same model being "Australia’s first escalator, featured timer treads and balustrades was installed in 1924 in the Lavender Bay Railway Station in Sydney and was retired in 1971" there.

You can clearly hear the wood clicking sound and somehow it is not annoying to me.  The sound these escalators produce, was heard by billions of people, only in different eras.

Patrick Ng
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3 thoughts on “Synchronicity: Moleskine, Macy’s, Strand

  1. I believe the ones on the cover are “banker’s clips”. I found them myself at my local stationary store: Bob Slate’s here in Cambridge MA. They had two sizes (which appear to be exactly as shown in this picture).

    What i like is the pen/pencil clip on the spine. Anyone know what that is?

  2. Keep in mind that people come up with all sorts of wacky and half-stupid solutions to the pen holder and none seem to be genuinely workable. Just don’t get your hopes up is what I’m saying.

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