Featured Artist: Alberto Meda

Alberto Meda represents the fusion of art and science, reason and imagination, technical innovation and formal virtuosity that characterizes the best of Italian design. He is among the young designers whose individual talents became visible as early as the 1970’s... Read More


Moleskine in Mecca

I took along my Moleskine to record my umrah (pilgrimage) activities while in  Mecca and Medina  this Ramadhan. Mohd Adib Noh Visit his blog, "The Reader" Image link© All rights... Read More


Writers need to get out of the house.

1940: Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre take up residence, almost, in the Café de Flore in Paris. They work in the morning, see friends in the afternoon and write more in the evening. The café is warm and provides... Read More


Inexpensive Pens With Good Ink

My current favorite, the uni-ball 207, uses an ink that contains color pigments which are absorbed into the paper fibers. The ink is in effect trapped on the paper fibres and can’t be washed off, as some forgers do to... Read More


Sleepless in NY

"The Tired, Sleepless Huddled Masses" I just returned from NY. Got stuck on a plane at LaGuardia runway for more than 4 hours, returned to the gate to refuel only to be told that the flight was canceled. Spent the... Read More


Japan sketchbook

A Moleskine of inspired sketches by Emma in Scotland. You gotta love all those details. "This has been an ongoing project for many months. I want to fill a whole Moleskine sketchbook and turn it into my own little encyclopaedia... Read More


Featured Artist: Gordon Cheung

Gordon Cheung was born in London in 1975 where he lives and works. He studied at the Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design between 1994-98 and he graduated at the Royal College of Art in 2001. His exhibitions... Read More


Be Happy

I’ll be going to NY for yet another meeting so comments and emails will take a while to be attended to. Please be patient. Before I go, here’s a short video clip by H.E. Situ Rinpoche. As we always say,... Read More


1000 Stories: On The Road meets The Motorcycle Diaries

GERMAN FILMMAKER SAYS: "AMERICANS WANTED" AS HE EMBARKS ON TRIP TO GATHER 1000 STORIES On The Road meets The Motorcycle Diaries, remixed for the 21st century NEW YORK (September 17)– The Goethe-Institut New York, a branch of the Federal Republic... Read More

LCERAND@gmail.com). The Goethe-Institut New York is located at 1014 Fifth Avenue at 83rd Street, tel. (212) 439-8700.

Starting in New York on October 1, Florian Thalhofer, a
new-media artist and documentary filmmaker from Berlin, will travel all
over the United States by motorcycle (provided by BMW), while U.S.
filmmaker Mark Simon will travel throughout Germany by car. During
their month-long journeys, each filmmaker will write about his
experiences, collect stories, and conduct interviews, posted daily as a
video weblog, or "vlog," at

Their route will be determined by interested folks in the U.S. and in
Germany who reply to their "Americans wanted"/ "Germans wanted" online
ad. Readers are invited to get in touch via 1000stories.com

to suggest itineraries and potential interview candidates and to
comment on the project. Members of the media can download hi-res
photographs, etc. at


fall, as Americans celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jack Kerouac’s On
the Road, a paean to the restless spirit and innate desire to explore
the unknown that thread their way through popular culture, a German
filmmaker embarks on a "social experiment" that marries this legacy
with technological innovation and harnesses the best of social media to
determine and document his experience.  Influences such as Easy Rider,
jazz, and abstract expressionism will become even more apparent as we
discover what lies at the heart of America and how it continues to
evolve today.

Florian Thalhofer (
was born in 1972, and lives and works in Berlin. He is a documentary
filmmaker and new-media artist who invented the [Korsakow system] (


to suit his unique form of expression, based on the principle that in
reality, things occur simultaneously rather than in succession. With
this software, Thalhofer has conceived an effective nonlinear way to
tell his stories that utilizes the computer as an ideal medium. Like a
"Choose Your Own Adventure" novel, the highly interactive Korsakow
system allows the user to navigate the film as a series of individual
choices. Thalhofer has been the recipient of the Literatur.digital
award, the reddot design award, and the Werkleitz Award, among others.
He studied at Universität der Künste Berlin, where he lectured after
obtaining his degree. He was a visiting professor at the Deutsches
Literaturinstitut Leipzig and teaches at the Mediamatic-Institut
Amsterdam. Several of Thalhofer’s [Korsakow] films are available on
DVD, and [13thShop] and [Forgotten Flags] are scheduled for release by
mairisch-Verlag, Hamburg, and Mediamatic, Amsterdam, respectively.

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Moleskine Morph

"Here’s a practical solution of sorts that occurred to me about three weeks ago. Often needing a notebook and my planner simultaneously, they were rarely in the same place and oftentimes I wouldn’t even have my planner with me at... Read More