Cool Tool: Leather Moleskine Notebook Cover


I have used Moleskine journals for years, but more often than not, by the time I’ve filled a journal, the spine is torn and in tatters. And because I write the journal number and date on the spine before putting my filled journals on my library shelf, this is a problem. The obvious solution is a nice leather slip-on cover, but I couldn’t find one that met my specs. In particular, I wanted a cover that wouldn’t interfere with use of the signature Moleskine elastic band or rear ticket pocket. And above all, it had to be sturdy and elegant, just like my otherwise-stout Moleskine. So I turned to Steve Derricott at Gfeller Casemakers, who made me a custom cover that works great, and now Gfeller is offering a slip-on cover that meets my high specs and more (note: I have NO financial interest in any of this, of course).

Paul Saffo at Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tool


One thought on “Cool Tool: Leather Moleskine Notebook Cover

  1. I just checked the mail this afternoon to find that my Gfeller cover has arrived. It really is a solidly crafted item. I’m normally wary of buying a custom item like this sight unseen, but they did a fantastic job with this cover. Uniquely numbering each one is a nice touch, I’m sure I’ll have my 007 for years.

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