DIY Portable Art Kit


Sure, there are tons of ready-made art kits out there but nothing beats one that you assemble yourself – with the materials you prefer. Here’s what Martha over at Tumpetvine did.

"After trying virtually every art supply one can buy 🙂 , I finally settled on a stable set of tools. My kit goes everywhere with me so that I can always do a quick sketch when the opportunity arises. To realistically achieve this portability the components must be small. This requirement has largely dictated my choices:

Sketchbook: I do all my sketching in small (”Pocket”, 3.5 x 5 inch) Moleskine notebooks that I rebind with 90lb hot press watercolor paper. I use the thicker (1 inch) “Planner” model because it holds more pages: 44 spreads to be exact. Occasionally a sketch fills only one side of a spread but usually I use the full (7 x 5 inch) page.

For the last few years I have filled at least three books a year. And, I am just finishing up Volume #4 for 2007 right now. Each year on January 1st I always start a new book: it can be a struggle to finish that last book by December 31st!.."

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[Thanks Julie P. in Baltimore, MD]