Inexpensive Pens With Good Ink



My current favorite, the uni-ball 207, uses an ink that contains color pigments which are absorbed into the paper fibers. The ink is in effect trapped on the paper fibres and can’t be washed off, as some forgers do to alter cheques. Refills are available. Uni-ball 207 is sold worldwide in stationery and office supply stores and other outlets. Mike Shea did some interesting tests of the ink in the uni-ball 207 and the G-2 and three other inks. The G-2 survived water but not soap and bleach. The uni-ball ink survived all the tests.

The Pilot G-Tec-C4 or the G-TEC-C writes with a very fine line. I use it for corrections and margin notes. They are so thin they write like mechanical pencils. The G-TEC-C seems to have a more durable ink, but it is hard to find in North America.

If your handwritten records have to survive intact for a long time, then you have to carefully consider the ink used to produce them. It seems I’ll be using the uni-ball 207 a lot more from now on.

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13 thoughts on “Inexpensive Pens With Good Ink

  1. Heh… funny this post came along right now. I have been doing a lot of obsessing over “cheap good pens” in the last few days.

    The 207 sounds like a very attractive pen when it’s described, but I found I could not write with the damned thing. I couldn’t get a continuous line. I bought a 4-pack, and had the same problem with each of them. I was constantly having to go back over my words to fill in gaps in the letters. If they could get the ink to flow as well as, say, the G2, then I’ll be into it. Until that time, I’ll just avoid taking bubble baths with my Moleskine 🙂

  2. I have to go with Chaim on this one. I had a slight problem getting a continuous line and the ink always took forever in drying. Sometimes I write on the go and have to close my Mole quickly after finishing a line and whenever I do when using a 207 I get smudges.

  3. Hi! I will have to agree with this post. The G-TEC-C4s are excellent pens! They dry fast, write neat thin lines, and they are refillable. I haven’t tried the Uni-Ball yet, but I’m sure it’s a great pen too!

  4. Hrm. I tend to use Uniball Signo bit pens. Usually in purple, but I like to use the orange-it’s the only orange ink pen that actually looks and writes semi-decently.

    I also like the pilot precise v7’s. They work well for me.

  5. Ah, but does the uni-ball show through on the Moleskine paper? I use the Pilot G-2s and at this point won’t try to fix what isn’t broken…

  6. long time lurker, first time commenter, i have to say the uni-ball power tank. bold lines, i forget how much but refills are available. it rules!!

  7. I use the 207 Micro. They work perfectly in my moleskines and I prefer them over the .7mm variety. The last moleskine daily planner I bought had scratchier paper, and the .5mm Pilot G2 black wouldn’t work at all in it. Thankfully the 207 works.

  8. Parker Jotter! I got jealous of my wife’s pink edition for breast cancer awareness and found a black one at the supermarket for like $5. I’m in love with that ink, and it’s a ballpoint;)

  9. You should consider the Pilot Varsity, a disposible fountain pen, which does quite well with Moleskine paper.


  10. I really like the Pilot Varsity — It is not quite a Mont Blanc — But I am less likely to cry if I lose one 😉
    Actually, in some ways the Varsity seems better than the MB with the Moleskine.

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