Moleskine Morph


"Here’s a practical solution of sorts that occurred to me about three weeks ago. Often needing a notebook and my planner simultaneously, they were rarely in the same place and oftentimes I wouldn’t even have my planner with me at all. It would be at home, on my desk, buried at the bottom of my bag, in the car, etc. Frankly, I was not very good at keeping track of it properly. However, I had made a habit of essentially always having at least a small pocket notebook with me.

The solution that has proven to be very effective has been to simply take the two and tape them together. Yes, that’s right, tape them together…"

David R. Munson
Visit his blog, "Convergence Factor"

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2 thoughts on “Moleskine Morph

  1. I cheated and used my Moleskine for both. At first I used the quad pocket, and I have lined pocket now…but miss the quad.

    I snagged the idea by searching in Flickr and found this one:

    I put a couple weeks worth of planner in the front, then takes notes in it throughout the week, then add on a couple more. I’m sure those of you who are more “on demand” than I am would need to possibly add a month or quarter, but it works well for me.

  2. what about binding your own? or cutting the 2 in half and then sewing them together, gluing them back up and putting them back into the covers? It would be pretty easy to do. a little thread a little reading up about hedgehogs at hedgehogsforever group at Yahoo groups and you’d have yourself a snazzy combination in one set of covers.

    seems like it would be a cool project- a frankenskine…

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