Ramadhan Journal

"Starting yesterday,the first day of Ramadhan 1428 I have started a daily journal what I have done and what I have failed to do in relation to what I should have been doing everyday as a good Muslim in holy... Read More


DIY Portable Art Kit

Sure, there are tons of ready-made art kits out there but nothing beats one that you assemble yourself – with the materials you prefer. Here’s what Martha over at Tumpetvine did. "After trying virtually every art supply one can buy... Read More


Sighting: Paulo Coelho

The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist. Coelho wrote song lyrics for many famous... Read More


Inspiration: Shadow Monsters

Philip Worthington’s Shadow Monsters was on display at GC07, and it may have been—no, definitely was—the most amazing thing I saw at the whole show. Essentially, it’s a projector that adds extra animations and sounds to your shadow puppets. And... Read More


Declutter Your Desk

If you’re looking to declutter your work setup, and create a minimalist surrounding area, read on. 1. Notebook and pen. I suggest that in a minimalist setup, the notebook and pen are the two most essential tools. You could use... Read More


Rosh Hashanah Planner 2007 / 5768

This is my Rosh Hashanah meal planner in use, printed and pasted in my Moleskine notebook. As described in this blog post about planning for the Tishrei holidays, we do "one company meal between sleeps". Each day’s company meal is... Read More


M.bian Moleskine Case

M.bian Moleskine Case was my original design back in 2005.  Dozens of prototyping and refinement were done and I even created a POP system for display in retail stores.  However the production quantity required to get price down to consumer... Read More


In Memory

We remember all those who perished on September 11 and victims of terrorism all over the... Read More


Sighting: COACD

Reader Fiona Voss alerted us to a quick cameo  of our favorite notebook at COACD. More here. Greetings to our friends in Naarden, Shanghai, Athens, Irkutsk, Pak Wan, City of Bristol, Osaka, Johannesburg, Kelowna, BC, Netherlands Antilles, Muscat, Franco Da... Read More



The modification has so far gone well. The stubborn curve is starting to come out of the pages and I’ve enjoyed the versatility and portability of this “frankenskine.” But shortly after starting to use it, I became aware that I... Read More