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Featured Artist: Han Bing

Han Bing Born in Jiangsu in 1974, Han Bing now lives and works in Beijing. After attaining a B.A. in Art from Xuzhou Normal University, Bing showed in several galleries and Museums. Solo Exhibitions & Selected Performances include: 2006 China … Continue reading

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Yerba mate and writing

I know there’s at least a yerba mate lover in the group. For those who don’t know what mate is, I have put some pics in my profile with some of my moleskines Mate is drunk in many places in … Continue reading

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Writing Letters to Get Your Words Flowing

D*I*Y Planner has a nice article on jumpstarting your writing process: I write all the time; for my occupation, for pleasure, for daily communication. When the purpose is functional, or as part of a workday’s activities, it’s straightforward to begin … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

Luciano Pavarotti1935-2007 True story: When I was 12 years old, we were on a trip out West, and stopped in Old El Paso, Texas. My dad, my sister and I rode a cable car to the top of a mesa … Continue reading

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The New Limited Edition Red Diaries

Is it possible to use the remobable booklet from previous agendas with the new ones? I mean using both in a single moleskine. Will I damage the binding? I already have the new ones, but I want to keep them … Continue reading

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A Tour of ProBlogger HQ

Blogging guru Darren Rowse takes us through his home office set up which includes a familiar notebook. “What does your blogging setup look like?” This is a question I get quite a lot – so today I want to invite … Continue reading

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A walk through Paris with Joanna Walsh

Joanna Walsh, otherwise known as Badaude, runs a blog about life in Paris and the UK. She’s a starer, a doodler, an eavesdropper, a gawper, an dawdler, an urban randonneuse. She’s a writer and illustrator, a regular contributor to The … Continue reading

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Sketchbook in Tuscania

This summer students from RISD, Montserrat College of Art, UVA, the North Dakota State University , Wheaton College and others joined me on my trip to draw in Viterbo, Italy an hour or so northwest of Rome for pleasure and/or … Continue reading

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The Most…

Photograph ©MMII Austin Burbridge. All rights reserved ". . . the most astonishing, the most surprising, the most marvellous, the most miraculous, the most magnificent, the most confounding, the most unheard-of, the most singular, the most extraordinary, the most incredible, … Continue reading

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Solvent Transfers

One of the coolest and easiest ways to transfer images to another medium (paper, wood, shirt, etc.) is by using the solvent transfer method. Utilizing cheap, easily attainable materials, this process is a good alternative to the time-extensive silk screening … Continue reading

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