Project: My First Screen Printing


The RISO B6 was designed to be an affordable home screen printing kit for school children and novices alike. But its simplicity allows for so much. Sure you can’t make a screen printing to fill a tshirt with but its still cool for marking things like the Moleskine Cahiers below. 🙂

Needless to say my screen printing urge/curiosity had been sparked and with Andrew’s warning that the B6 had been discontinued and could be found on eBay for like US$400, i still set out to find a B6.

In all my searching i finally found that the P5 was the replacement to the discontinued B6 and RISO had made a few improvements making the unit even more usable. With a price just over US$100 i can afford to embark on my own screen printing mischief. 🙂

Brian DeWitt
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