Sleepless in NY







"The Tired, Sleepless Huddled Masses"

I just returned from NY. Got stuck on a plane at LaGuardia runway for more than 4 hours, returned to the gate to refuel only to be told that the flight was canceled. Spent the night sleepless in a freezing lounge without even a blanket (ORD would at least lend you one and a cot). Thank God I’m home. Will be back to normal posting tomorrow. I just need some sleep. Thanks for your patience.

– Armand

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Update: Something good has to come out of this so here goes:

The first person to correctly guess (or closest) my outbound flight (ORD-LGA) seat number
(AA MD S80) wins a mystery gift. Deadline is this Sunday, Sept. 30 at
11P Central.. Just write your entry as a comment and include your
active email address for confirmation. Enter only once, please. I’ll
announce the winner on Monday.Good luck!


The correct answer is 17B. The closest guess is  Jim’s (17D). Congratulations! I’ll email you for confirmation

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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