What’s in Savannah Miller’s bag?



I love Luella’s bags – they are beautifully made and you don’t see them everywhere. Inside is my BlackBerry, which has changed my life; Ruby & Millie Face Gloss, which gives a natural glow and stops you looking like a dog’s dinner; Airborne Formula, a fizzy vitamin thing that is amazing for avoiding bugs on planes; Oyster card; pictures of my family; and a Moleskine sketchbook.

Joni bag, £1,795, by Luella. Face Gloss, £12, by Ruby & Millie, from Boots. Sketchbook, £12.50, by Moleskine, from www.mojolondon.co.uk.

What’s in your bag?
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  1. “Savannah”? Who’s Savannah Miller? The pic you have is of Sienna Miller, who is way hotter than Savannah Miller, no matter what she looks like. 🙂

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