Converting Moleskine into a custom weekly planner


More than a year after Mike Rohde presented this a do-it-yourself guide to converting a pocket-sized, ruled Moleskine notebook into a custom weekly planner we’re still getting tips about it:

"After using the new custom planner concept for about a week, I’m appreciating the full week across two pages. I can now see how my entire week is shaping up with a single glance. I can have much more detail for each day or even each entry. With the Palm, I could see a full week, but it was either filled with very tiny type, or the type was large but clipped off, requiring additional taps to see an entry.

I like having my planner open at my desk while I work — I can glance down between tasks and be reminded of what’s to come, or recall an item I need to add to the agenda. I never need to worry about the pages blinking off to save battery life. The quick "wake from sleep" mode (cover closed) is wonderful! 🙂

I’m also finding a small book handy for storing small bits of information, such as a business card, a post-it note or whatever. Because the Moleskine has an elastic strap, stuff stays inside. If I’m concerned about something staying put, I can store it in the Moleskine’s inside back cover pocket…"

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