Moleskine Found; Reward Required


"I found a journal, with NEXT written on the front cover, in the Apple Store, SoHo on Prince Street, Manhattan during the author reading of Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, October 16th. Moleskine brand. Loaded with creative writings, and photos in the read inside cover.

Didn’t read, just glanced through to see if I could find a contact number or email but there wasn’t any. I think it might belong to an apple store employee.

If you lost this, please contact me and state some facts about the inside so I can verify it’s you who truly lost it.

I have fallen in love with the new and beautiful Apple iPod Touch 16GB, and I would really like to have one, (it would be my first and only iPod) so I would kindly appreciate a reward in the amount of $395 USD. You can pay me via PayPal using your credit card, and pay over time. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please inform and I can send you the address to do so…"


[via The Daily Jimmy ]

Note: This notebook is not part of any Moleskinerie project. -ABF