How To Unwrap a New Moleskine


  1. Unwrap the plastic
  2. Pull the paper sleeve from the cover
  3. Tuck the post card and stamps in the accordion pocket.
  4. Kiss the history of Moleskine pamphlet, and reflect how fortunate
    you are to be using a notebook favored by Hemmingway and Van Gogh
  5. Open the notebook, and turn to the middle, or thereabouts
  6. Bury your nose between the pages, rooting as closely as possible to the spine.
  7. Breath deeply
  8. Repeat Step 7 until filled with a sense of well being

From Geekmouth, now sadly 404’rd.

[Rediscovered by Just Charlie]

5 thoughts on “How To Unwrap a New Moleskine

  1. Hemingway, one “m.”

    Whatever Ernest Hemingway used, the company that now makes Moleskines (capital M) wasn’t around when he was writing. And all I’ve ever seen re: Hemingway is a sentence about sitting with a pencil and a small notebook. Jack Kerouac also used small notebooks, but they were spiral-bound memo books.

    Small notebook ≠ Moleskine.

    (I hope the “does not equal” sign shows up.)

  2. Step #4 gives moleskine users a bad name. Whoever buys a moleskine because it is the brand used by Van Gogh and Hemingway is being ripped off -and deserves to be ripped off, frankly, for being such a pawn.

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