LAGALAG Project Arrives in the Philippines

Wilfredo Pascual, an award-winning writer started "Lagalag" (Tagalog: "roam") a traveling journal project for fellow Filipinos around the world. Here’s his update:

"Eight months ago, I went to the Napa Valley post office to mail two moleskine notebooks. On its first pages are my photos and stories — the rest of the pages were blank. The notebooks were passed on among Filipinos around the world, all coming from different walks of life. They wrote their stories and shared their images on its pages. They have never met each other, but through the notebooks they have shared one amazing journey, one that is homeward bound…"



Watch the slide show.

"…. faithful to his Pinoy forebears’ travel itch and mystical bent, both transported to the cyber world. With lovely irony, the higher the tech and the more miles they cover, the deeper Willi and a circle of kindred spirits return to the wealth of their origins. Now that’s a trip!"

– Author Sylvia Mayuga

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to LAGALAG Project Arrives in the Philippines

  1. It’s always good to know that wherever Filipinos are, they always find a way back home – Philippines.

    This is truly we as people and as one big happy family.

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