Lost and Found in Shangrila


Here’s a counterpoint to all those lost Moleskine:

"I have a confession to make. Not more than a week after I bought my Moleskine Journal, I lost it. And I couldn’t even blog about it because that would be plain stupid right? To gush about finally getting a Moleskine Journal, and to announce that you lost it a couple of days after? Sheesh.

I knew, however, that I’d find it somehow, and I kindof had an idea where to go. It should be right where I last saw it, I thought with confidence. After all, I didn’t think anyone would really take interest on a piece of notebook enough to steal it. Plus, it has my messy writing all over it already. Na-ah.

Ergo, six days after I noticed it missing, I traced my steps, went to Starbucks at Shangrila, and took my chance.

“Uhm, hi, I was wondering.. By any chance.. *stammering* Did u happen to see a moleskine journal… uhm.. it’s has a black leather..” Even before i finished my sentence, one of their crew was already on his way out back. I held my breath, and noticed some baristas smiling at me from the counter, and some grinning and nodding at each other as if they all have feasted on my journal already! Gah! Oh well. I didn’t care. I just wanted my Moleskine back…"


:::Sigh:::Its always good to hear a happy ending.

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3 thoughts on “Lost and Found in Shangrila

  1. I lost mine last year, in April. I had schedule a flight for that same week, just to go home and surprise my parents before the start of my internship – and guess where I was keeping my ID card: on the back pocket of my Moleskine! So I panicked and re-traced every step and everything I had done in the previous days and found it! It was waiting for me on a local shop where I had been to print some pictures! I don’t know why they didn’t open it to find my number and address inside, but anyway, I felt really lucky!!

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