Moleskine Deal!


Just thought I’d share this with the folks here.  I was on vacation last week in PA.  While my wife was shopping for some children’s clothes, I took our energetic 3 year old elsewhere.  I popped into a Borders outlet next door, looking for Moleskines.   They had a stand on the checkout counter.  So, I begin to sort through them.  Two had stickers on them showing the price of $2.99.  Snatched them up – the rest were the usual $9.99.  So, for US$6+, I nabbed a squared pocket and a blank reporter.  Both are new to me – I’ve only ever had ruled before.  So, they’ll be going into storage until needed.


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[Image: The Age] 

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  1. Having signed up for the Borders rewards program, I receive their weekly coupons for 20% off list price of one item, and sometimes up to 30%… and I’ve been using these discounts to procure additional Moleskines.

    You’ve got me beat, though, with the $2.99 price – well done!

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