Moleskine iPod Case



I made this case for my iPod Touch (wedding present from my new husband!!) out one of my old Moleskines. I cut a section out of the bottom for the usb cable and the headphones, and lined it with microfiber cloth. I love this case for many reasons: it was free since I made it myself out of recycled Moleskine; I love Moleskines; I can carry it around without it being extremely obvious that I have an iPod (a great feature in my city); and I can use it/hold it in my hand without getting fingerprints on the ridiculous shiny metal back that Apple still thinks is a good idea for some reason.

iPod case made from a Moleskine.
Made by Thryn

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8 thoughts on “Moleskine iPod Case

  1. Its so sad you could use your moleskine to protect your ipod! I could never do it this to my dearest moleskine

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