New Moleskine Soft Cover Notebooks


The New Moleskine Soft Cover Notebooks have a soft cover and all pages are thread-bound and in acid free paper. With an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket made of cardboard and cloth, which contains the Moleskine history, they are ideal for students, creative artists and professionals.

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"I got one of these soft cover Moleskines today.
They are just like the classic notebooks, only less pages (192 in the
large one, the hardcover books have 240) and the flexible cover of the
planners. I’ve seen them in ruled, squared and blank, but that may not
have been the whole line.
I’ve had one of the last packs of the Volants and liked them, but I
like the new soft cover Moleskines even more."

Antigone @ Moleskinerie/GOOGLEGROUPS

14 thoughts on “New Moleskine Soft Cover Notebooks

  1. Nice. Soft-cover scratch-pad notebooks. About time. I’m looking forward to these.

    I need a “scribble” notebook, and a permanent daily record of events. As a diary I have been using hard-cover weekly planners, and as a scribble-pad, cahiers. Which are too ephemeral.

    I have tried the soft-cover diaries, but rather than being the best of both, they are, um, kind of neither… And the cahiers are too small and light… (“What’s that, your passport..?”)

    Maybe these soft-cover notebooks (like Alwych Notebooks) are the answer…

  2. The million dollar question with these is will they stay open when placed flat? Most soft covers with lots of pages will not. That’s why many people like the cahiers.

  3. What are the ISBNs for these? I’d like to order one but I know that without the ISBN it will be painfully difficult to get Borders or B&N to find it.

  4. I am beginning to feel like these blasted things are a myth. People supposedly have them, but not one of them has uploaded a single picture detailing what they are like. You’d think with all the Moleskine nerds out there, this would have happened by now. I’m going crazy with anticipation…

  5. I am assuming that these are really quite nice since I have the datebook that is soft sided. I am trying to track down someone in the area that has one of the large plain paper ones since I would love one for sketching.

    How do I find local retailers?

  6. I find myself less than enthused at the prospect, actually – I find myself writing without a table quite often, so the hard covers of my Moleskine are quite an advantage. Soft covers just wouldn’t do it for me. YMMV, as always.

  7. I don’t *actually* think they are a myth 🙂 I was joking, and hoping to taunt someone out of hiding who might have some pictures to show us.

  8. I am nearing the end of my ‘skine and ready for the next one, I am intrigued by the soft cover ones, thinking of perhaps trying one out. Do Stateside Barnes and Noble stores have them yet?
    -Ezra Hilyer

  9. Just wanted to let anyone interested know that I found two plain soft cover EXTRA LARGE (which was surprising) notebooks at a local Border’s. Coincidentally, I visit this Border’s probably 3-4 times a week, and am convinced they were just put out today. They were the only size and only variation that they had available.

    They were $19.99 (used Border’s rewards coupon for 25% off, so around $16!). They are not even listen on Border’s website yet, which is interesting, though their site does show the LARGE size ones available for order.

    ISBN: 8883707265
    UPC: 9788883707261

    Hope that helps! By the way, I’m in a suburb of Chicago. I’m hoping this just means that they will start to appear in more places in the USA. I checked one other Border’s in my area and they didn’t have any. Haven’t checked B&N yet..

    – Brad

  10. I saw a pocket size of this notebook yesterday (in one bookstore here in Manila). I didn’t buy one though because I just bought a large ruled notebook and pocket cahiers the day before. But I’d like to try this as soon as I finish my large notebook.

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