New Pilot G2s

New-ish (?) Pilot G2s. Features three sophisticated metallic color finishes, accents and retractable rolling ball and gel ink. Check them out. [Thanks Johnny for the... Read More



Reader Glen Dresser posted an article on his writing blog on how he uses a Japanese-album Moleskine as a writing tool. While it’s a format that seems more popular with visual artists than with writers, it actually proves itself to... Read More


Make Your own World

The unusual 3 dimensional form of this blackboards globe brings out our most creative streak. Educational and lots of fun for adults and children alike. Chalks are included. Made from FSC wood. The Blackboard Globe By Muji Product... Read More


Rare Moleskine

che moleman asked: I noticed this question on another Moleskine related forum, and I don’t recall if it was asked here, but I definitely would like to know what everyone’s experience has been with this. What has been the hardest... Read More


Moleskine Deal!

Just thought I’d share this with the folks here.  I was on vacation last week in PA.  While my wife was shopping for some children’s clothes, I took our energetic 3 year old elsewhere.  I popped into a Borders outlet... Read More


Fabio’s 2008 Calendar

Our friend Fabio (not that Fabio🙂 has an update on his project, all meticulously self-illustrated: "Available the 2008 PDF calendar. Subscribe the newsletter and download for free the calendar. The site and the calendar are personal projects... Read More


Three-year Genghis Khan trek ends

An Australian man has completed a three-year journey from Mongolia to Hungary, following in the footsteps of the Mongolian leader Genghis Khan. When Tim Cope began his 10,000 km (6,200 mile) journey in June 2004 he expected it to take... Read More


LAGALAG Project Arrives in the Philippines

Wilfredo Pascual, an award-winning writer started "Lagalag" (Tagalog: "roam") a traveling journal project for fellow Filipinos around the world. Here’s his update: "Eight months ago, I went to the Napa Valley post office to mail two moleskine notebooks. On its... Read More


Featured Artist:Claudia Rose

Claudia Rose, Germany: she paints and draws since her childhood. Her preferred medium is watercolour. Instead of carrying a big sketchbook, she uses a Moleskine Calendar and fills it with tiny watercolours. “ If you are careful and if you... Read More