Penmanship Fiesta!


A Moleskinerie friend wrote:

"i was trying to figure out why i don’t ‘journal’ more
basically it is because  my handwriting is illegible
i prefer to type.

i remembered my buddy sam’s site (beware office porn)
has a whole section of penmanship books.

perhaps i am not the only one who feels moleskine deprive because i can’t write…"


But wait, there’s more! Even bigger plethora of penmanship links at UPenn.

[Thanks Joyce]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Penmanship Fiesta!

  1. jkerouac59 says:

    I once felt the same. Part of my problem was that I gripped the pen so tightly and pressed so hard that after a while the pain changed the fine movements of my hand. Then I tried writing with a fountain pen. I found that the physical process of writing with a fountain pen was considerably different than with a ball point pen or a pencil because of the fragility of the nib. The upside is that it has enabled me to write much more legibly, the downside is that after years of block capital printing, I’m learning to write all over again.

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