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che moleman asked:

I noticed this question on another Moleskine related forum, and I don’t recall if it was asked here, but I definitely would like to know what everyone’s experience has been with this. What has been the hardest Moleskine to find? The only retailer/bookseller here that sells them is Barnes & Noble, and it seems they only have the absolute most basic ones, like the ruled, squared, and blank. They usually have them in both large and pocket sized, but the pocket sized ones are by far the most numerous and varied. I think the pocket sized is available in just about every format they make. The reporter is also pretty common.

But I have never seen the Van Gogh Moleskine anywhere here. Also, the pocket diary, address book, and weekly planners are mysteriously absent from B&N here in town.

Which Moleskine is the hardest for you to find?

jjtelecaster says:

The rarest must be the nolonger available volants; perhaps moleskine has tried to fill that gap with the new soft covers. I can find most (sometimes all) the line in Seville; my nearest store usually has the most common ones, although I can order some specific models ( I ordered the large watercolor).

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8 thoughts on “Rare Moleskine

  1. I have noticed that Barnes & Noble usually stocks a very small quantity of the Moleskine calendars but I can’t seem to find them in the store until after they have started (which always nets me a discount). I also know that Borders carries them (and their outlet locations too, even though their only local outlet location closed a few months back).

    Just this past Monday I noticed that B&N has increased the price on the pocket Moleskines to $10.95, is this just B&N or are the prices going up?

    I would love to have then stock the new soft cover Moleskines as I would love to pick up one of them but most of the online retailers that sell Moleskines seem to get low marks in their reviews. Does anyone know the ISBN for these so I can order them from a local retailer or know of a reputable online retailer that sells Moleskines?

  2. It’s a good thing I picked up the last two packs of volants from Drexel’s bookstore. 🙂 One pack’s unopened, and five of the six unused.

  3. I get mine from a art store called Dick Blick. they carry the entire line of moleskin in the store. City books, cahier, daily planner. Ones with just pockets, Japaneses paper style, address, reporter books… all priced according to what is on the moleskin website

    Students get a 10% with the occasional 20% off days.

  4. I’ve never seen the large, plain paged Moleskines sold anywhere; I wish Borders would start carrying them.

  5. I think this is best handled with a credit card at MoleskineUS. Or Ship the Web. Online you can get the Van Gogh series, also the RED series (which I’m drooling over–I plan to use the daily planner as my diary next year)–extra large soft cover ones–Really with just a couple of websites you can order anything. I have to do this even with the regular lined Moleskines, and I live in NYC! My problem at Barnes and Noble is that they sell out most of the more popular notebooks (I think the lined ones probably sell the most) and then everything is squared, and I’m not soon going to Berlin…

  6. I have had good luck with finding both watercolors, storyboards, Japanese, music, and both sizes of memo pockets at alocal independant art supplies store and a local independant bookstore, both along the edges of genuinely hip creative areas. Perhaps such stores closer to art/design schools, or museums, would be more consistant? My B&N oddly enough carries quite a wide array of Moleskine products, so I wonder if they could not special order for you? Thes are my thoughts.

  7. Assuming the Van Gogh is the purple one, that’s actually one of the few I can find…

    My university’s bookstore carries Moleskines, which made me ecstatic, but their selection at the moment is kind of slim… They say they’re planning on restocking.

    The mainly have pocket ruled, pocket Van Goghs, and a few Cahiers, and that’s about it…

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