Red-headed woman with reporter’s notebook


Red-Headed Woman (dir. Jack Conway, 1932) is another pre-Code film. The plot is similar to that of Baby Face:
an enterprising woman (here without guidance from a Nietzsche-espousing
cobbler) sleeps her way to the top in Renwood, Ohio, and then advances
to points east. The screenplay is by Anita Loos, and it is said to tone
down the serious elements of an earlier draft (by F. Scott Fitzgerald,
from a novel by Katherine Brush). The result is engaging and odd, with
Jean Harlow’s Lil (Lillian Andrews, aka "Red") pursuing Chester
Morris’s William "Bill" Legendre, Jr., in a light sex comedy that
nonetheless prefigures the stalking of Fatal Attraction.

the above still, Lil has just begun the chase, having brought her
ailing boss’s mail to his house, hoping that she’ll be asked to stay
and "take dictation." That’s one enormous stationery item Lil has
brought with her. The words REPORTER’S NOTE BOOK are readable
on the cover. I’ve flipped a cropped image from another still to make
the words easier to see. Can anyone stop thinking about Jean Harlow and
try to read the rest?

Michael Leddy
" Red-headed woman with reporter’s notebook"
More at his blog, "Orange Crate Cart"

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