The Dog Ate My Moleskine

MoleeaterI came across this funny post while doing site housekeeping:)

"Moleskine 2005 Planner eaten by my Dog
named Sophie Lee Ramos


While dog sitting (and house sitting) for my ex-girlfriend her
Beagel, Sophie Lee, decided that my brand new 2005 Moleskine daily
planner would make a better chew toy than organizer and got to work on
bringing forth her artistic vision.  Thanks to her, you now have the
rare chance to own this collectible, which for a week, served me well
and faithfully kept me on time.  Included are several notes, maps and
diagrams from my recent Holiday trip to Boston that at one time lived
within the back pocket.  The Moleskine comes complete in a brown paper
lunch bag with all original pieces in addition to the above mentioned
extra, except for the address book, which has wholely departed this
world for the next.      

The legendary notebook, as used by Van Gogh, Matisse, Hemingway and
Bruce Chatwin. Incredibly popular, they have a good quality cream
pages, and a handy pocket at the back, ideal for keeping loose papers.
With a hard black cover, they make an ideal notebook for travelling.
What was good enough for these visionaries could not stand up to a nine
month old pup."

Rare Moleskine 2005 Planner

half eaten by dog

eBay Item # 6941979719

[Thanks Meg!]

[Originally posted 1.25.06]

One thought on “The Dog Ate My Moleskine

  1. What a wonderful post! Sophie Lee has put planners in their proper perspective. Even a Moleskin works only when the dog hasn’t eaten it. Oh, and also when the planner has not been left behind in a restaurant or under the seat of the car or the rear tire of a truck. All of which happens to planners when we are very lucky.

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