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Farseer offers more pen recommendations at this ongoing discussion at Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups:

I Have been using moleskines for about 5 months now.  It took a few
tries te get some pens I like.  Most of the ones I like are from
Pilot.  buit from Pilot Japan.

The Pilot Prera is just wonderful on the page.  The ink dries fast and
does not smear.  the line is finer than the varsity, and it is not
disposable.  it writes a consistant .5mm line.

I also carry a few disposables, but I like them fine because I write
small sometimes, mostly 2 lines of text per line in my pocket
moleskine.  I use a .25 or .30mm Pilot Hi-Tec-C these are great,
smooth and consistent.  but it is meant to be used with a lighter
touch.   http://www.jpens.com/product_info.php?products_id=172

I use also use the upgraded version of the Hi Tec C called Pilot Hi-
Tec-C Cavalier with my daily planner and in my briefcase.    I find
all the inks are superior to what I can buy ar staples, and it is a
joy to write with them.

Your millage may vary, but I find writing with a better pen makes me
write more.


Image: Jet Pens

10 thoughts on “A great pen for Moleskine

  1. For those of us with arthritis all the lovely slim pens can be very painful to use. If this is your problem too try the Pilot Dr. Grip. My preference is the medium point regular Dr Grip (they also have the Dr. Grip Center of Gravity). The ink just flows across a Moleskine page like a hand across silk (and no bleed through). But best of all the old arthritic hand can journal for hours without pain!

  2. I’m still an advocate of the Pilot G2s. I just stick with what works for me. I prefer the .07. They have other colors now (though not many) and I guess I’m just a “black black black” person. They do have refills which works well, because there’s more ink in the refills than in the actual pens. Moleskines are tricky in terms of pens. I had a problem with a fountain pen on that paper (which is an unusual consistency)and an awful lot of gel pens bleed through (and forget the Sharpies unless you’re talking about the sketchbooks). Obviously you can experiment with this headache but I grew weary of doing so. The G2s have a nice consistency on this paper. You can also get darker or lighter lines with the pressure. And I can’t see myself writing with colored pens–they do have other colors, though. I think mult-colored pens look better on white paper, this is just me. The moleskine paper, the yellow color, sort of screams “fake antique” (probably one cause of the popularity) and turquoise ink just looks all wrong. I almost wish that Pilot had a sepia colored ink, I think it would go nicely…

  3. I have to recommend the Retro51 Torando pen. I use it in my Moleskines and am completely satisfied. They are not disposable (which I prefer), affordable, and have great ink. I have 2 that I carry around with me and am wanting more.


    (weird – i just typed retro51 into google to make sure of the url and it brought up some page called moleskine.com featuring retro51… someone beat me to it!)

  4. Have to agree on the Retro51. I have the pencil and the rollerball. I used the pencil in my journal yesterday on an all day flight from Laguardia to Albuquerque via Atlanta. Love it!

  5. One hack for the Retro 51 Tornado: it takes uniball signo refills; you have to cut them short a bit, which means you have to “break them in”.

  6. Although they’re sometimes hard to find, I find the Uni Jetstream to be the best pen around. The G2s are lovely too, and I have been known to use various fountain pens but the Jetstream is such an easy-to-use, no-maintenance pen with a nice rubber surface that still manages to look pretty classy… at least for a disposable 😉

  7. I love my moleskine and use it to track my ideas over the course of days or weeks and I have been through many pens — my two favorites are the zebra f301 and the fischer space pen. Both flow across the page effortlessly, though I use the Zebra to get a finer line.

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