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ambie_d_d26 asked:

If I want to use sharpies in a molie-would it just be best if I get a sketchbook or a watercolor mole? I know sharpies will bleed through the regular and pocket molies, but I was just curious..

sharonNYC Pro User  says:

TheTurtleZ wrote: "Sharpies do bleed through the sketchbook when oversaturated. But if you put a piece of paper behind the page you’re working on, it won’t bleed through to other pages. And if you want to prime the backside of the page you’ve used sharpies on…I hear that gesso works wonders (I’m going to be buying some myself for this purpose)."

You might want to use a soft gesso for this purpose like Golden’s:


Regular gesso tends to make paper look like plastic placemats. There may be other specialized gessos around at this point. (And do think it — no matter what it’s going to make the paper thicker and a more brittle). I love to paint on gessoed (with Golden) paper sometimes.

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