Design Driven


Kelley Linehan did a series of Customized Moleskine cahiers for AIGA Driven Conference.

The project was for AIGA UWM, the student chapter of the design organization at the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It is basically a club for the graphic design majors. This weekend, we held our ‘Driven’ design conference, at the school and we wanted to be able to provide attendees with a way to take notes.

I do a lot of screenprinting. Until relatively recently, I mainly printed clothing but had the opportunity to print on these Moleskines a couple of weeks ago. The surface is perfect and I bought a bunch, printed them and gave them away to friends.

I offered to print more for the Driven conference. So over the past week I worked with a couple of volunteers and we ended up screening about 200 notebooks.

One other person and myself did the majority of the work. It was a huge task but they turned out so well that it was totally worth it. Every attendee received a hand-printed journal of their own.

The journals each had at least three individual prints on them, most with four or five. When printing, we laid the journals open and created a composition over the entire cover. When is closed, the design looks a little different, more dynamic.

Here is the link to the AIGA UWM website with more info about the conference.

Most of the imagery on the sketchbooks are things that I have gathered over the past couple years. Some are from rubber stamps, some are scanned objects, some are original designs. One of the latest screens I created is from consists of scanned tiles from a scrabble game.  Another one of my favorite designs is just a topographical map. For the AIGA UWM sketchbooks, we also used a couple of original designs submitted by members.

Since they have been so popular, I will be starting to sell them on Etsy in the near future. I hope to have it all up and running by the end of the week.



Update: Kelley’s notebooks are now available at Etsy.