Featured Artist: Anders Pearson



I mostly work in Moleskine sketchbooks, small and large.The paper is smooth and thick and they’re rugged enough to live in my bag and go everywhere with me. Most drawn with my trusty blue ball point pen, though I go through phases of using other implements like a black Fisher Space Pen, pencil, Sakura Pigma Microns, or colored pencil.

A lot of my drawings are done on the subway or on a subway platform. My abstract style developed at least in part because of that. I usually start out with no real idea where a drawing is going and let the inevitable "accidents" that come with trying to draw on a moving train push things along.

My current project is an abstract mini graphic novel, Error And Annihilation, which I’m doing this month in the spirit of Nanowrimo. It’s happening in a large Moleskine sketchbook using a nonrepro blue pencil and Sakura Pigma Microns.

Anders Pearson

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