Featured Artist:Odile Decq


Odile Decq, one of the most important
characters on the international architecture scene leads one of the few
successful architecture firms run by a woman. Born in Laval in 1955, Decq
nurtured a strong passion for architecture from early childhood.

In fact, she started her education in
Rennes, then went on to Paris at the UP6 school where she was awarded a degree
in 1978, and the following year received the Diploma of Specialised Higher
Education (Dess) on town planning and management at the Political Studies
Institute. The 1980s brought national and international success to Odile Decq
with the opening of her own agency in 1980. In 1985, she formed her valuable
partnership with Benoit Cornette; this union was to lead to
ODBC, one of the most important trademarks appreciated all over the
world. Numerous commissions flooded the new studio: from private dwellings to
prestigious boutiques, and even the completion of the Banque Populaire de
l’Ouest et d’Armorique in Rennes. Learn more.

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  1. wyatt cooper says:


  2. Ting Siu Ip says:

    I love her style! art and architecture.

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