Featured Artist:Massimo Vitali


Massimo Vitali was born in Como, Italy
in 1944, and now lives and works in Lucca, Italy. After completing university,
he took courses in photography at the London College of Printing. In the early
sixties, he began a photojournalism career, freelancing for many magazines and
agencies in Italy and Europe. 

A pivotal point in his photography career
was meeting Simon Guttmann, founder of the agency Report. At the beginning of
the eighties, a growing mistrust in the absolute capacity of photography in
reproducing the subtleties of reality led him to develop a new interest:
cinematography in the world of fiction and advertising. Vitali’s close
relationship with the still camera never ceased, however, and over the past ten
years, he has developed a new approach to portraying the world: photography as
an expression of contemporary art. This new approach was marked with the
beginning of his work on the Beaches series in 1995 and his foray into large
format photography, and continues through today. Learn more.

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