Lit mention: Moleskine in “A Century Is Nothing”


An experiment in perspective, an epic with multiple players, A Century Is Nothing takes the reader on a pilgrimage to the subconscious.

Join Omar, an exiled Tuareg Berber and blind prescient writer from the Moroccan Sahara, on his travels as he and Mr. Point, a Vietnam veteran he meets after 9/11, share dreams, myths, and cogitations. Within the harmonious triad of language, countries, and friends, Omar’s journey begins in Morocco; takes him through Ireland, Kuwait, Israel, Bhutan, Japan, Vietnam, the Taos Pueblo, Bali, China, and Tibet; and eventually to 26,000-year-old Paleolithic caves in Spain.

Experiencing joy with a playful childlike sense of delight, the wayfarers explore cultural communities with great passion through healing and meditation. Their stories establish a circle of friendship where authenticity, compassion, kindness, and awareness are highly valued.

A Century Is Nothing explores the journey of life to discover the very essence of the human soul.

About the Author:

Timothy M. Leonard is a Vietnam veteran and a graduate of the University of Oregon. He has published Two Hearts on a Grand Precious Adventure, an e-book. A world traveler, Mr. Leonard currently teaches English as a Second Language in Asia Minor. He is also photographer and ESL teacher in Asia Minor. Having used them for years, Moleskine is heavily referenced in his recently published novel, A Century Is Nothing

His web site, “Journeys
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