Thom Allen lost his notebook. Now the question is whether to buy another one or go back to digital list-keeping:


"Have you ever discovered something so horrific that you nearly threw up on the spot? That happened to me today. Every once in a while I take public transit to my office away from home. Today was one of those days. I hastily put everything in my backpack and ran out the door to catch the bus. Somewhere between my office door and the bus, all of the Moleskine’s I was using were gone. I must have forgotten to zip up the pocket they were in. All of my notes. All of my design drawings. Some personal information. Receipts. Names. Numbers. All gone.

This is the risk of a paper based lifestream. I have a PDA, a T-Mobile MDA, but I only use it to make phone calls, store documents, email, Twitter, and keep my lists. I never kept lists in my Moleskine. Typically I scan the notebooks for relevant tasks, notes and list additions, and type them into a note file I keep on my PDA. I felt good about it. I had a digital copy of some notes and lists and everything else just stayed in the book."

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  1. I lost my notebook once, on the Metro. Because I write my email address on the front, a woman was able to contact me and she mailed it back. I offered to buy her a brand-new Moleskine (which I say I’ll do under my email address as a “reward”) but she politely declined. It was a good feeling getting my notebook back, particularly because it was nearly filled.

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