Maven pressies


Maven-hood has its rewards, ask Thomas:

"…a welcome pack that I received from
the website "" – I joined the website pretty early on and
enjoy adding links to products I really like / wish for.  Its a
scrapbook for me, in a way.  It turns out my recommendations hit the
spot and I was given "Maven 2007" status.

Part of this was a welcome pack that I recently received…
containing branded M&Ms, parsley (because we’ve helped them grow),
stickers and a Moleskine lined pocket notebook.  I was delighted… my
current notebook is half-way through and its sweet to have a Moleskine
waiting for me.
Turns out… the reason for the Moleskine is that it is their
number 1 recommended product…" 

Thomas aka Headphonaught

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Greetings to our friends in Chungnam, El Burgo De Osma, Fox And
Geese, Eppelheim, Hershey, PA.,Saint-Genis-Laval, La Paz, New Delhi,
Malvern, Buenos Aires, Nigadoo, Rio De Janeiro, Shimizu, Cebu, Dubai, Berlaar, Raikkla, Tetovo, Guadalajara, Glarus and Nairobi.

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