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The Venice City Notebook, the latest in Moleskine’s growing line of City Notebooks, bears the trademark of the City of Venice, marking the beginning of an exciting new partnership, one that will benefit young artists from around the world, organized by Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in cooperation with the Municipality of Venice.

The project will be presented during a press conference at the Sala degli Stucchi of the Municipality of Venice, on Friday, November 9.

The Mayor Massimo Cacciari, "Man of Peace 2007", the young artists of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation with the president Angela Vettese, the Fondaco Company, which manages the brand of Venice, and a Moleskine delegation will attend the press conference.

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[My apologies for the mix-up earlier- ABF]

4 thoughts on “MoleskineCity: Venice

  1. Wrong Picture?

    The text is about Venice, the popular city in Italy. But the picture shows the Moleskine City Notebook from Vienna. I’m living in Vienna, and I’m quite sure it’s not in Italy, but in Austria. Bad enough, when people think I live in Australia, but now I’m also living in Venice?
    Please correct this, such mistakes are just embarresing – for everyone.

  2. Hmmm? It looks like something got confused here.

    Vienna (Wein) is in Austria and Venice is in Italy. True, there is similarity in name, but that’s all. Each city is beautiful in its own way, but they are very different places.

  3. I’m a major fan of both cities, and I’m glad to see a Venice City Notebook… You can’t really confuse the Donau-Kanal with the Grand Canal, but the two cities *are* different…

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