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I was first intrigued by the idea of a rugged pocket notebook when I bought "On Foot: A Journal for Walkers, Hikers, and Trekkers" at the local Barnes & Noble about six years ago. I loved the whole "pocketablility" of the little notebook, and the interior artwork was great, but I also wanted something that would look equally at home at a metropolitan bistro and not just in the Outback. Last year, one of the chaps in my band pulled out a pocket-sized Miquelrius "leather look" pads, which he used to jot down musical ideas. I promptly relieved him of one of those notebooks, but later I came across the Moleskine Ruled Pocket Notebook at a clearance table at B&N. I ended up picking two up for $2 (USD) each, a real bargain considering the only thing wrong with them was that the wrapping and colored labels had been torn partially off. So I bought the ruled one and a Music Notebook, also pocket sized, and have been hooked ever since. Now I don’t ever leave home without at least one. They are the perfect combination of style, portability, and ruggedness. The feeling of the buttery smooth cream pages and the crisp snap of the black oilcloth covers feel perfect in my hands, and I’m more than a little embarrassed to admit that I get a certain pleasure from cracking a new Moleskine open, burying my nose in it, and inhaling deeply for a few minutes. I fell in love with them before I knew about all the hype. I read the insert, of course, but didn’t bother to research it online until much later. By then, I was completely neck deep in Moleskine obsession, and was glad there are others who are just as infatuated.

I’ve always liked the idea of a small notebook which can be carried around everywhere, much like I’ve seen a lot of musicians and poets walking around with in different places. I once saw a man at an upscale party be asked to participate in an impromptu recitation of prose and poetry. While most tried to recall their choice from memory or improvise it on the spot, I thought it was the coolest thing when he whipped out a little black notebook and read from it. Since then, I love to have little anecdotes and tidbits available for whatever occasion may present itself. And just like the great Oscar Wilde once said, "I never travel without my notebook. One should always have something sensational to read in the train." The Moleskine is perfectly suited to such uses. After that, my obsession with notebooks began, but not until that day I mentioned earlier did I find what I consider to be the "perfect" notebook, journal, and ever-interested open ear.

I now keep about four running notebooks, my primary one for on the go (the ruled pocket), a music notebook, a pocket squared (as a backup, my ruled is getting close to full), and a Large Ruled for my "daily pages." I even bought a messenger bag specifically designed to carry my writing materials and various other gadgets, which is smaller than a normal bag. (Check them out, they’re actually very cool. I bought the Old Navy canvas messenger bag, but I really am looking forward to getting the Triple 5 Soul Revolution Tiny Messenger, which would be cooler for smaller items like Moleskines, iPods, PDAs, cell phone, etc.)

Getting bags to fit my Moleskines? Yeah, I’m that obsessed.

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2 thoughts on “My Moleskine: Che Moleman

  1. May I ask where you have been able to find the Triple 5 Soul Revolution Tiny Messenger bag? I’ve been coming up dry on every search I do!

    Little help for a fellow skine-aholic? =)

  2. Unfortunately, the Triple 5 Soul Tiny messenger has been discontinued, and right before I got a chance to purchase one for myself. The Old Navy messenger has been working great, it’s basically a copy of the old WWII medic bag. There is another I’ve been using, because it neatly holds two pocket notebooks side by side and up to four or five deep, plus a couple of inches, and is small enough not to be cumbersome, but still has plenty of room for my wallet, keys, cell phone, and PDA. The bag is the Rapid Dominance R34 Heavyweight Field Bag in olive drab. I love it. It’s discreet enough to carry anywhere, and looks good with just about everything short of a three-piece suit.

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