My Moleskine: Rachel Rifat




I am a Moleskine fanatic. My shelves and my purse are completely filled with finished and unfinished books. My favorite Moleskines include the large 100 page sketchbook and the watercolor books.

My work sometimes leans to haunting innocence – – – I love that simplicity can reveal so much emotion.  I always start with my Faber-Castell pencil and then I ink using a Sakura pen.

When traveling, I love to add local images into my Moleskines – – – grab every single local paper, advertisement, and pamphlet and cut it for your use.  I only trust the Judikins cts11 scissors and office depot acid-free glue sticks. 

I have been published and written about in People Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Los Angeles Times.

My art has been shown at the Museum of Anthropology in Arizona, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Self Help Graphics, j. ferrari, and the The Folk Tree.  My work has also been published in the Los Angeles County Latino Heritage Guide.

Please look for my new book, How to Make Out in the Supply Room that will be published by Running Press in 2008.

Here is my sweet little website: and my chocolate blog.

All images © 2007 RR

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